Return & Exchange Policy

FULL COVERAGE Return/Exchange Policy
The following reasons are covered by our 60 Days Return/Exchange Policy

1. The product customization information does not match or an error in customization.
2. Broken pictures, rendering or lettering
3. Wrong or mismatched size
4. Wrong or lost shipment

LIMITED COVERAGE Return/Exchange Policy
The following reasons are covered by LIMITED COVERAGE Return/Exchange Policy. The customer is responsible for the return postage fees and replacement postage fees. Shipping fees are non refundable. A 30% customization fee based on the unit price of each of the returned product shall be deducted when processing the refund.

1. Chose the wrong custom content for the product.
2. Personal Reasons due to personal taste, changed mind etc.

No Return & Exchange
The following reasons are NOT COVERED by our Return/Exchange Policy. We are not liable for these issues.

1. Product damage caused by exposure to corrosive substances or chemicals.
2. Product damaged by misuse, mishandling, or poor maintenance.
3. Items that have been soiled and damaged resulting from customer's handling.
4. Not the product itself, but only the other items or gifts included with the order.
5. Products that exceed the return processing time limit (60 days after the order is signed).
6. Coupon code or gift card.
7. The product model or serial number recorded in the shopping order applied for return or exchange does not match the product sent back.
8. Partial returns or exchange of products from a set item is not acceptable.

Precautions for Return and Exchange

1. Items that are being returned should be new and unworn. They should be kept in its original condition in which you received them in.
2. Coupon codes expires after use and cannot be restored after return.

Refund Procedure

1. After receiving your returned item, we usually process your return within 1-3 business days. You will receive an email notification and you are required to reply to the email as soon as possible after receiving the notification.
2. We usually begin processing refunds within 1-2 business days of receiving a return, order cancellation or any other reason for a refund. Refunds will be processed using the same payment method as when you purchased the product, unless we have expressly agreed, in our sole discretion, to use a different payment method. Notwithstanding the above, regardless of payment method, all refunds must be deposited into an account in the name of the original payment method account holder.
3. Explanation of refund time: Please note that it may take additional time (approximately 10 business days) for the refund to be reflected in your account. The timing of the refund will depend on the billing cycle of the payment gateway (e.g. your credit card billing processing cycle) or your financial institution. If we have made a refund in our system, but the refund has not reached your account for more than 10 working days, please contact your payment method provider or financial institution to inquire.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation or replacement of unshipped products

1. Non-customized products can be canceled or replaced when they are not shipped, without any charge.
2. For personalized products, if you need to cancel or replace the product or replace the personalized content, you will have to pay 30% of the product price as the customization fee.
3. Special Note: Even if you contact us immediately after placing the order to cancel/modify the order, we will charge the corresponding production fee because the customized product will be produced immediately once the order is placed in order to ensure a timely production and delivery. Thanks for you understanding.

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